This and That

This and That is a series of photographs produced using a home-made 35mm pinhole camera. A print represents a sequence of 4 or 5 consecutive shots produced within the camera that blend together laterally creating a fluid panoramic image. A shot is conceived of not as an image in itself but rather as a combinatory element within a print and each print participates in a still larger sign system. New elements are in a sense cross-referenced to others already existing in the overall project creating a network of spatial, linguistic and formal relationships.

The self-imposed sequential character in producing the image elements occasioned an implicit challenge : maintaining a chain of thought over days or weeks while trying to recall how to bring these depictions of disparate objects and places together into a unified, meaningful whole. Lurking behind this quest for visual ordering was the ever present possibility of introducing a discordant shot that would throw a monkey wrench into the works, undermining the entire sequence. The camera’s deliberate lack of viewfinder added to the haphazard and fortuitous character of the process, accentuating its fundamental unpredictableness.

In this way, each print can be thought of as a serendipitous record of a long meandering, an improvised performance materializing an associative trail of images and ideas.

    BW and color silver gelatin prints, 55cm x 25cm
  • Movimentos Improvaveis, Centro Cultural de la Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 2003
  • L'Effet Film - figures, matières et formes du cinéma en photographie - Galérie Le Réverbère 2, Lyon, France, Centre de Photographie de Lectoure, École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Cherbourg, France, 1999
  • Mai - photographies, Quimper, France, 1996
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