Out of Sight out of Mind

Out of sight out of mind / Loin des yeux loin du coeur, made with Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel after the intense and unrelenting Spur of the moment, represents a tentative to find another way of collaborating, but this time from a distance. It reformulates and extends certain elements underlying the preceding project.

In 1996, the Internet was just starting to take off, anticipating an increasing complexification in the relationship between the private and public spheres. We attempted to give shape to this change by imagining a hybrid and fanciful form, imbricating different modes of production, distribution and reception (analog photography, the post card, and Internet browser) to create a personal channel of communication, a publicly available dialogue between friends.

Exhibitions at the same time at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and L’institut Français in Copenhague were imagined as a visible process of messages sent and received : computer printouts pinned to the wall, organized by person, in order of reception.

The unfolding narrative of rather banal daily experiences and the slightly competitive nature of our exchanges takes place in the intervals of overlapping media and their respective and somewhat contradictory spatio-temporal dynamics. It is a rather noisy channel, one of visible slippages, missed communications, and delays in the production and reception of the messages at the heart of our friendly exchange.

    Silver gelatin prints 10cm x 15cm, ink jet prints A3