algo_flicker is a series of algorithmic video experiments made in collaboration with Kevin McCoy that had as a starting point a discussion about my work Déplacement and how we could use the computer to find other ways to produce 3D images from 2D originals. It led to 4 different investigations and sets of software, each exploring a different type of perceptual event.

Each new version of algo_flicker was created during a brief period, a couple of days of discussions and writing software. We were invited to two different festivals to develop a new version in situ : the Impakt Festival in Utrecht, Holland in 1998 where we made algo_flicker_002 and as well as the live visuals for a concert by Porter Ricks, and Fin de Siécle New York à Nantes where we produced the performance algo_flicker_004 in 1999.

These experiments and Kevin’s example to (re)learn programming gave a new direction to my future work.

    Custom software (Director), MacMini, Full HD video projector, dimensions variable