The Cure

Direction: Jeff Guess and Judith Perron
Website: Jeff Guess

2021-22 - After a very long moment of flaccid virtuality, our classes give you the opportunity to sculpt your dream body! Throughout the year we will be doing various experiences to regenerate our bodies. The first semester will be dedicated to practices related to affects, sensations and subtle perceptions, the second will consist of sessions that solicit cardio, strength and endurance. A year of high intensity!

2022-23 - The Cure proposed, WOW, an intense exhibition during which the Ygrec-ENSAPC art center is transformed into a fitness club. Every afternoon, the exhibition was activated by a new experience during a class reserved for ENSAPC students, exploring practices ranging from the extreme slowness of Jam Baston to the frenzy of Body Combat, through Qi Gong and a choreography of pool noodles. There were two evenings of performances offering a range of experiences from fitness, sport, dance and philosophical currents of a situated body.

Mathieu Bouvier
Doing a mantic dance
Myriam Lefkowitz
Eyes closed
Frédéric Danos
Jam baston
Laurent Isnard
Acousmatic massage
Slow Reading Club
Body Writing Reader
Volmir Cordeiro
Strolling the gesture
Guilherme Vautor
Body Combat
Patrice Blouin
At the body's limits
Isabelle Queval
Moving, from self-care to the augmented body
Julien Faraut
L'Empire de la perfection
Julia Borderie
On Tripple Dribble
Sabine Chavinier-Réla
🏀 - a proselyte non-contact game
Frédéric Danos
The shopping list
Aziyadé Baudouin-Talec
To fall
Gwenola Wagon
History of the Pool Noodle
Alice Lenay
Twisties !
Cécile Bicler
Sweat Infusion
Guilherme Vautor
Body Combat